Ecovillages: isolated islands or multipliers of social innovations?

Ecovillages are particularly interesting social innovations… While the core intentions, purposes and motivations may differ in each ecovillage, they all have one crucial feature in common: By experimenting with new forms of sustainable living, governance, economy, education and everything that can be done in a newly founded village,… read more in the blog of the TRANSIT research project 


Conference of the International Communal Studies Association

ICSA Conference in Tamera: 1st to 3rd of July 2016

The conference of the International Communal Studies Association will take place in the community of Tamera in Portugal.

The theme of the conference is: Community approaches towards inner and outer peace.

Call for Sessions, Papers and Presentations is open. Please visit the official conference website:

GEN+20 conference in Findhorn

in Scotland, 6-10 July 2015

Outcome of the discussion panels on Research and Ecovillages

We invited ecovillagers and academics to discuss and exchange. Ecovillages are increasingly approached by students and other researchers who discover their value as holistic “laboratories of the future” in almost all areas of life and research or in many different sub-disciplinary fields. GEN intends to make research on ecovillages more visible and to foster discussions between researchers and ecovillagers. The GEN Research Working Group networks researchers and ecovillagers.

Find a summary of the research panel session at: