Online Colloquium: Integral approaches to intentional communities, May 15

IFIS is happy to invite you to our next Online Colloquium:

Time:           Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at 20.00-22.00 h, Zoom meeting.
Presenter:   Dr. Iris Kunze, IFIS
Topic:          Integral approaches to intentional communities


While in former times, people were born into communities and the challenge was to develop their individuality, today we are rather born as individuals and have to find or create our communities. What is the notion of community today in individualized, free societies allowing us to live our own life style? Can a transmodern community of responsible, free humans be an answer to create a more flexible and free society? What kind of ‘communality’ can integrate individual freedom and collective responsibility and cooperation? What are the foundations and best practices of a community X.0? And how can it be created?

Dr. Iris Kunze
More info here and in the attached event folder.
Please register with us at by May 12, 2019, if you wish to participate in this Colloquium.

Non-members of IFIS are kindly asked to make a donation for participating, either via our donations button or by bank transfer. The recommended donation for Colloquium participation of non-members is 10-20 Euros. You can also chose the Colloquium flatrate (50 Euros) and participate in all Colloquia for one year.

Registered participants will receive the Zoom invite shortly before the event.
For further upcoming sessions, check out our website at

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